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Tooth Coloured Fillings


The teeth, like any other part of the human body, are subject to a number of illnesses. An attack on the dental formation easily results in a loss of self-confidence and doubt. It diminishes a person’s ability to interact freely and do the most important things to him. To avoid all of these therefore, modern medicine has outlined a number of qualitative measures to protect dental, as well as mental health.

Tooth coloured fillings are a reflection of the innovative spirits that drive dentistry. A filling is recommended by a doctor for the repair of a cavity. The kind of filling that a person ends up using is dependent on what the doctor picks. However, it is still pertinent to examine some types of fillings.

Palette for tooth color,

Types Of Fillings

The Dental Amalgam is the most popular type of filling. It can be worn on both your back and front teeth depending which is most necessary and your personal preferences. However, fillings are recommended based on functionality so having one in your back teeth would seem very unnecessary compared to one in front.

The role of a filling in the back is relatively diminished. An amalgam is made of a combination of metals namely Mercury, copper, silver and tin. It has been listed as dangerous for the toxic properties it possesses. There is no evidence to back this claim.

Other types of fillings are glass ionomer  and composite filling. The ionomer which has the colour of teeth is made of glass which can form a chemical union with your teeth. It is also capable of ejecting fluoride into your teeth to cleanse it of any bacteria that could be hiding around. The composite is made of an admixture of glass and resin.