Root Canal Treatment

What It Is

Root canal treatment is a method used to treat infection at the centre of a person’s tooth. It is necessary for turning around the serious consequences of a bacterial invasion of the mouth. It is essential to preserving the integrity of a tooth and avoiding complete removal.

Preparing for Endodontic Root Canal Treatment

Structure Of The Teeth

Before a proper understanding can be established of endodontics or root canal treatment, it is pertinent to quickly examine the structure of the teeth.

A tooth is made up of two parts, representing a top and bottom arrangement. The topmost part is the crown which is visible when looked at while the root basically anchors the tooth. Its extension reaches into the jawbone. Apart from these, the tooth also consists of the enamel which is the strong outer covering of the tooth. However, on the inside of this tough exterior is the dentine, a supporting but softer kind of material compared to the enamel. It is actually the one that makes up most of the tooth. In an alternation of thickness levels, the cementum follows as a hard covering atop the root. The dental pulp is a soft tissue which is at the middle of the tooth.

The root canal arrangement holds the dental pulp which stretches from the crown down to the root.